We welcome volunteers to participate in the co-curricular activities which forms part of the education strategy of Maithree.  The co-curricular activity includes arts & crafts, sports and opportunity for socialization. 

The education revolves around individualized education strategy which requires 1 on 1 interactions with the child.  Hence volunteers are encouraged to participate in individual and group activities varying from 1 to 3 hours.  There are over 100 children who benefit by the volunteering activity at Maithree. 

Apart from imparting the desired skill we also find this improves the socialization skills of the children with special needs and sensitizes the volunteers and other associated support group, the needs of these children. Typically a volunteer joins the educator in interacting with the child for teaching concepts, dimensions & colors through painting.

This also helps in developing of fine motor skills and improves eye and hand coordination etc.
Since it is a play way method, both the volunteer and child thoroughly enjoy the interaction and both are able to feel the impact of their effort.

Arts & Crafts
1 Hour
2 Hours
3 Hours