Residential Care

Although persons with special needs can be independent and function fully well on their own, most parents tend to worry about their child’s wellbeing in the future, after them. Sensitive to this question and the needs it brings up, Maithree offers Residential Care. Having studied different models of Residential Care, Maithree has concluded that its offering should only remain a home away from home, and has relied on the Scandinavian Model wherein Residential Care is given in any premises being restricted to few adults within the community so that they do not get identified or labelled. Thus, the home away from home provides love and care for the child.

In line with these aspirations, a Group Home for adult men with special needs was started in 2009 in a farm environment at Vembakkam. This facility caters to ten persons with separate quarters for a warden.

Residents are given support, care and opportunities to participate in farming and gardening activities. They also learn how to weave doormats and paper products, house-keeping and a few other every day activities. This experiment has benefitted people with autism and other behavioural issues. The vast space available offers the best of freshness, comfort and access to comfortable spatial areas. The residents learn yoga and physical exercise, along with sports every weekend. They go for outings once every month to a temple, a park or any other place of interest.

Medical checkups are conducted regularly. Parents and relatives are welcome to visit the residents and spend time with them, especially during festivals and other celebrations.

Based on the success of this initiative, Maithree has established a Residential Care in an urban set-up for women.