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The Tambaram branch of Maithree which started in 1998 faced an ever- increasing demand on its resources year after year . Many of its students were coming from East Tambaram. One day an occupational therapist from this branch was in a casual conversation with a special parent, one Mr. Saravanan staying at Velachery, whose severely affected child Sudershan attends school at the Spastic Society of Tamil Nadu , Taramani . During the course of his conversation he mentioned to him that Maithree had plans to start a branch in East Tambaram, and was searching for a place . 'Comrades become brothers in distress '. Being a special parent himself , his empathy for such parents was so intense that he came up with the most unexpected offer. ' I have a piece of land at East Tambaram. I will build a space for Maithree and it can start its East Tambaram branch there… '.

Thus was born the 7th branch of Maithree Special School in East Tambaram in 2009. It was started by relocating 7 students from the West Tambaram school, with 1 special educator, 1 therapist and 1 assistant teacher.

It now has a strength of 35 students with 3 special educators, 1 therapist and 3 assistant teachers.

The school has an inter disciplinary team whose service includes Special Education, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Pre Vocational Training . It caters to the special needs of children spanning across a very wide range of challenges and also age groups (New born – 18 years).

  • Special education addresses each student's individual differences and needs. It helps learners with special needs achieve a higher level of personal self-sufficiency and success in school and community.
  • Physiotherapy is for helping the children who have challenges with posture and mobility through therapeutic exercises.
  • Occupational therapy focuses on daily activities, writing, concentration etc. and also on sensory-motor integration.
  • Pre Vocational training focuses on a work culture for economic empowerment of our students.

No. 10, TAN Avenue,
Prashanthi Colony,
Rajakkeelpakkam (Near Guruvayurappan Temple),
Chennai – 600 073.

Phone : 044-22293087
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Maithree is an organization formed by the parents, to take care of the needs of the special children with a vision to integrate the persons with mental handicap into the mainstream in order to bring dignity in their lives. Uniqueness of Maithree is that it develops parents as professionals and administrators in this field, advisors and counselors for the needy, service providers.