Care & Management

In the hope of preserving the dignity of a person with special needs for their lifetime, while accounting for their individual needs and requirements, Maithree provides dedicated services for them. Regardless of their ability levels, Maithree has remained focused on offering support and services without discrimination. Having habilitated several children with special needs through education, Maithree has understood the dynamic link between providing training and opportunity and productivity as an output. Alongside this, there is also the truth that there are a few who do have a high degree of dependency for their everyday living needs, be it eating and bathing or grooming and socialization.

Maithree is motivated by the goal of providing service for all, and aims to ensure that no child should be marginalized or left without any benefits. Through its Care and Management services, Maithree offers a comprehensive approach comprising both, therapy and activity-centric pedagogies. Through its Care program, Maithree offers a therapeutic intervention that can help maintain their muscle tone, which are otherwise likely to deteriorate due to limited use. Through its Management program, Maithree provides fun-filled activities and opportunities to interact with one another so that they remain occupied. The program helps make them overcome and avoid behavioural problems and also gives them a way to make life cheerful and interesting.

Physio therapeutic interventions. Painting, visiting parks and malls, watching movies and listening to music, playing simple games to improve their hand function, celebrating together through parties and get-togethers and enjoying festive cheer all help cover the activity range. Through the comprehensive approach that targets mind and body, Care and Management emphasizes on all round support. Currently, Maithree has one Care and Management centre at Ganga Nagar, Kodambakkam since 2008.