Brief About Maithree

No.4, 2nd Cross Street, Ganga Nagar, Kodambakkam, Chennai-600 024.


MAITHREE is an association of parents of exceptional children.

Destiny brought together few parents, to address their common concern on the future of their child with special needs in the early 90’s.  The concern of these parents were converted into a commitment to work for the benefit of the children/persons with special needs. Thus was Born MAITHREE which was formally registered in the year 1994 and currently more than 600 parents are part of it. MAITHREE has been providing various services to children with special needs ever since.

Our Vision"To Integrate the persons with mental handicap in to the main stream there by bringing dignity to their lives"

Our dreamTo become a movement that would ensure integration of the persons with special needs in the society thereby bringing dignity to their lives.

Our objectiveTo provide an array of services encompassing the entire life span of the children/persons with special needs.

Our Values
  • Service orientation
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Empathy
Our Service
  • Special Schools for functional Education.
  • Vocational Training for future employment.
  • Sheltered Employment for Economic Empowerment.
  • Activity Centres for meaningful occupation.
  • Care & Management of the profoundly challenged.
  • Group Homes which is a home away from home.
  • Guidance & Counseling to Parents.
  • Create Awareness in the Society.

From a humble beginning of providing special education to three children in the drawing room of a parent, MAITHREE has grown to provide an array of services to around 480 Children through its 10 Day-care Service Centres situated at Perambur, Tambaram West, Tambaram East, West Mambalam, K.K. Nagar, Moolakkadai, Ullagaram, Medavakkam, Kodambakkam and Vembakkam in the city of Chennai.

As a sequel to education, everyone would aspire for a vocation. The children with special needs are no exception to this. MAITHREE took up the responsibility of providing Vocational training according to the ability of each child so that these children with special needs find a meaningful and gainful occupation during their adulthood.

A need was felt to create a facility for the persons with profound disability after their school training program to maintain their abilities; hence a Care and Management Centre has been started at Kodambakkam to cater to the needs of such persons.

A home away from home has been organized by Maithree to cater to 12 adult men with special needs at Vembakkam, a village near Kanchipuram. At this group home situated 90kms from Chennai, apart from residential care Maithree provides various opportunities such as farming .weaving, gardening for gainful occupation and recreation oriented facilities to provide meaningful occupation and physical exercise. A home for girls has been started in the city at West Mambalam and at present 2 women are benefitting from the service.

A 75 member professionally qualified team comprising of Special Educators, Occupational Therapists and Physio Therapists along with 45 support staff manage and provide the services. They are directed and overseen by the Executive Committee formed with parent members of Maithree.

MAITHREE is a non-profit & charitable organization and it depends on the parents, like-minded well-wishers, philanthropists and the society at large for all its activities.

All Donations are exempted from income tax under section 80G.

“The love and wisdom of God are manifested not only in the gifted ones, but even in those broken fragments of humanity which should therefore be carefully gathered up, that nothing be lost which His sanctifying fingers have touched" - Dr. Howe