About us


Maithree is an association of parents of exceptional children. It functions as an institution committed to the welfare of persons with special needs. The initiative offers a wide range of services to address varying lifestyle needs of a special child / person across her entire lifespan. An association working for parents, and run by parents, Maithree is all about bringing more empathy into the social dialogue for the mainstreaming of special children.

These services include: Special Schools for Functional Education, Activity Centres for Meaningful Occupation, Care and Management Centres for the Profoundly Challenged, Vocational Training for Future Employment, Sheltered Workshops for Economic Empowerment and a Group Home for residential care.

An initiative that is spearheaded by parents, Maithree is run by parents, and remains committed to serving parents. In sum, it is an initiative that is Of the Parents, By the Parents and For the Parents. Core dream of Maithree is to integrate special people in society, and bringing in dignity into their lives. Maithree was formally registered in 1994, and has now grown to a membership of over 600 parents as its members.


“To integrate the persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDDs) into the main stream there by bringing dignity to their lives”.


Reach the persons with mental handicap by providing an array of service duly supported by the appropriate infrastructure and qualified personnel.
Create an awareness and acceptance both in the society and the family of such persons by providing necessary support.


Maithree aims to achieve its mission and vision through services that include special education, vocational training, group homes and sheltered workshops, awareness creating campaigns and sessions, counselling guidance and respite care for people with special needs.

Maithree remains committed to continually help and serve the growing needs of people with special needs by organizing and mobilizing resources and executing programs, to enhance their skills and potentialities through envisaging and implementing an appropriate array of services. It also pledges to provide a secured future by maintaining the quality and dignity of life even after their parents.

Maithree is a non-profit and charitable organisation. It depends on parents, like-minded well-wishers, philanthropists and the society at large for all its activities. All donations made to Maithree are exempted from income tax and section 80G.